Reader Rabbit Interactive Reading Journey / Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics: Preschool & Kindergarten The Learning Company, Inc. 1996

Sam Lion is upset because he doesn't have a kingdom of his own, but Reader Rabbit is determined to help Sam discover his own kingdom: the Reading Kingdom. With Max the Mouse and a cast of assorted characters who help out along the way, Reader Rabbit takes Sam on a reading journey through five levels of books and activities which end at Treasure Mountain. This features 40 online books, two in each of 20 letter lands. Four letter lands make up each unit, and they all have alliterative names such as Topsey-Turvey Turtles and Mushroom Meadow. Each book can be read aloud to the student, or the this option can be turned off for children who are able to sound out words. Users can also make recordings as they read and play them back. Each letter land has a lot of hot spots to click and activities to play such as the snail race or the word-eating ants building their nest. Once a letter land is complete, it's on to the next one, and once all four are done, the unit gate opens and the student progresses to the next level. A Program Options Pad (POP), which is kept by Max Mouse, keeps track of each student's progress. Only one can play at a time, but the POP is capable of storing multiple sets of data. It was later available as Road to Reading, which is the featured CD-ROM in Reader Rabbit Complete Learn to Read System, and part of Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics Preschool & Kindergarten.
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Interactive Reading Journey - Clone ISO Demo 151MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Learning To Read With Phonics: Preschool & Kindergarten - ISO Demo 270MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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