Gary Gadget: Building Cars ELD Interaktiv Produktion AB / Levande Böcker i Norden AB, Viva Media LLC 1997

Billed as an "edutainment" game for children, this title is all about how to build a car from the ground up using parts & pieces found on Gary's lawn. When a road-worthy auto is finished, drive your creation around the neighborhood where different "missions" can be played through (rescuing a cat from a tree, finding Freddy's dog, for example). Enter it in the Auto Show for prizes and praise. Sort through Gary's huge mound of junk, pick out the "thing-a-ma-bobs" and "whatchamacallits" you want, and then figure out which of them fit together. You'll need to put your thinking cap on to build a working vehicle - a roadster, truck, sedan or race car. It's based on the Swedish kids book series Mulle Meck by George Johansson. Along the way, Gary will give minor advice but doesn't give it all away. Using your logic and creativity skills, learn what makes a car tick - and which parts are the best for what your auto should do. (Climbing a steep hill or racing on a race track requires more powerful stuff than Mom's old jalopy!) When you've finished your first vehicle, you can download additional parts from the official website to beef it up and download a bonus game. The game includes interactive animations and videos, an easy point-and-click interface and multiple choice options, all of which add to the replay value. Create a photo album of your favorite creations to share with family and friends. Explore 16 missions and activities to earn certificates and medals. Select from over 127 parts from the junkyard to create a variety of mechanical masterpieces. This was the only game in the series to be published in English.
Bygg bilar med Mulle Meck - Swedish ISO Demo + mirror 44MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Rakenna autoja Masa Mainion kanssa - Finnish Clone ISO Demo 127MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Norwegian ISO Demo 42MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
16-bit installer fix
ISO Demo 138MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Bonus game & Download Parts

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