Huygens Complete Encyclopedie [Du] Dice Multimedia 2003

This is a Dutch multimedia reference and one of the most complete digital encyclopedias in the Netherlands. With over 75,000 items from A to Z, you can very quickly look through it with easy search functions. On the basis of thousands of photos, videos and sound clips, 75,000 subjects are further clarified. This is all styled in a clear and manageable program. The new technology enables a complete encyclopedia in place of many unmanageable thick books, it's on only two CD-ROMs. It is convenient, can enrich your knowledge and answer any questions. It has 75,000 topics, heaps of photos, videos, and sound clips that illustrate concepts and topics. Categories including culture, nature, technology, philosophy, social sciences. There's thousands of links to Internet, easy and quick search functions, detailed timeline with special attention to the history of the Netherlands and Belgium, interactive maps of the whole world, detailed maps of the Benelux, all this and much more.
Dutch 2CD ISO Demo 1.17GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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