Ke Rulen Los Petas [Sp] Iber Soft / MCM 1989

A very nice sci-fi adventure that probably had not a smashing success for not having been published by one of the big companies. In a dystopian future Bangkok, the drug addicts fight the evil corrupt dictatorship of General Charoen. It's all good, from graphics to the atmosphere, except perhaps the character. The police are more corrupt on the face of the Earth, since they control the business of gambling, prostitution, drugs, organized theft ... plus prevent access to culture for the vast majority of the population (whose life expectancy does not pass thirty years). In this world you must play as Mikael and Andrew Kacho Yakson Mule, two camels trafficking survivors; they are good friends and they complement each other: while Mikael is smart and has good ideas, Andrés is all muscle and power. In one of the raids they discover and pursue Korps, leading them to flee and become separated. Mikael enters a dead end and has a korp behind him, leaving us with our first order type. The story that follows is full of touches of humor, especially with the apparitions of Willis, the old pothead, and Ku Klux Klan, which also has a role in the game (the sad social situation in Bangkok brings racial problems too), as well as the language used is somewhat rough and nasty. The "change" command that allows us to exchange the characters depending on whether the problem is solved with intelligence (Mikael's field, unable to lift anything much) or hard ( turn to Andrew, who is not able to detect objects if it's not expressly said).
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Spectrum/Amstrad/C64/MSX Spanish Full Demos *require emu (uploaded by Computer Emuzone)
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