Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake SleepNinja Games / Cartoon Network Games 2014

As so many of these things do, it all begins on a magical island. In this case, Gogapoe Island, a place populated by both humans and monsters. What starts out as a mission to get back Niko's birthday cake becomes a quest for the fate of Gogapoe itself. But, ya know, cake is still super important, too! Oodles of friendly monsters will join Niko's quest and use their kooky powers to help him explore the island, solve puzzles, demolish obstacles, and just generally humiliate enemies. Hordes of evil monsters will cause mayhem and generally be jerkfaces, but that's nothing you can't fix with headbutts, frost breath, stink clouds and rainbow barf. Save the day and fulfill your monstrous cakelust all at once. It features: a big honkin' island to explore; an epic story of good, evil and baked goods; nostalgic top-down adventure gameplay mixed with modern sensibility and design; a motley menagerie of friendly monsters with nutso powers; four unique areas full of challenges, secret paths and birthday cake; cerebrum-tingling environmental puzzles; a whole mess of oddball NPCs with with even odder side quests; and funky fresh costumes you can unlock for Niko, including some that give him powers of his own.
Full Demo 125MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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