Son Of Nor stillalive studios 2014

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar 31/2015 As a Son of Nor, consecrated by the Goddess of the Night, it is up to you to protect the human race against total extinction. While the few remaining humans are cornered in The Edge, a vast desert world, you fight the Sarahul, a brutal enemy from ancient times. On your journey you discover a labyrinth of ancient tunnels and magical, long forgotten powers that are well guarded by puzzles and traps. These had been left behind by an unknown race thousands of years ago. Starting with the abilities granted by your goddess Nor, telekinesis and terraforming, you will explore the world of Noshrac, gain access to new and mysterious powers, fight through enemy territory, and solve intricate puzzles. As a Son of Nor, the World is your Weapon. Use it wisely. Play your style - use telekinesis to fight your way through, carefully prepare traps, avoid fights altogether or join forces with your friends. Move and shape the desert using terraforming: lower and raise sand to gain tactical advantage, create barriers, trigger traps, or bury entire buildings to escape your pursuers. Tear rocks out of canyon walls to hurl them at opponents, or use your telekinetic powers in puzzles. Use elements like fire and wind to summon powerful spells. Combine them to wreak havoc upon your enemies. 1 to 4 players can play online or via split screen coop mode to defeat the attacking Sarahul Empire. Get immersed in the world with no GUI or HUD, everything is embedded naturally and intuitively in the world's environment. With telekinesis you'll be able to cleverly get rid of enemies, move and throw objects and create levitating bridges. Use your powers to overcome enemy attacks and solve intriguing and rewarding puzzles. A very atmospheric and mysterious sound track was composed specifically for the game. It supports SteelSeries Sentry Eyetracking and tobii Eyetracker: Control your powers intuitively by using your eyes or Oculus Virtual Reality headsets: Get ready for a truly immersive 3D experience, or Emotiv Brain Computer Interface: Unleash the power of your mind by casting magic with your thoughts for a truly immersive experience!
Multi6 ISO Demo 3.09GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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