Viktor Shorebound Studios 2014

Viktor's story begins in Eos, a world divided by two realms: the Overworld and the Netherworld. The fragile balance between these two realms is suddenly shattered when Mephistopheles, the power-hungry leader of the Netherworld, lays siege to Overworld. After suffering betrayal within the legion, Zane, the leader of the Overworld, must turn to Viktor as his last hope. Viktor is an action-packed, side-scrolling, twin-stick adventure with gameplay inspired by classics such as Castlevania and Megaman. Playing as Viktor, you will fight your way through a diverse spectrum of hostile environments filled with a wide variety of relentless enemies, lurking traps, and fearsome bosses who will try to keep you from your mission: finding Zane, defeating the merciless Mephistopheles, and restoring peace to Eos. It features: Story Mode with 8 Action-packed stages; Intense Boss Fights to test your skill and coordination; 3 Standard Difficulty Levels and an unlockable Hardcore Mode; 6 Different Weapons complete with over 30 Upgrade Options; New Game+: Play through the game again and keep all of your weapons and upgrades; Hidden equipment and artifacts to unlock additional features and abilities; Full Xbox 360 controller support (Emulators work too!); 34 Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards; Original soundtrack available as DLC (included in Viktor: Enforcer Edition).
Alpha Level Demo 65MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo 307MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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