Crazy Chicken: The Winged Pharaoh Phenomedia 2007

Egypt – mystical land on the Nile full of traditions... and no unknown territory for Moorhuhn. But new challenges in terms of numerous tombs and unexplored pyramids wait amidst the holy desert of Urhasis. Dark legends entwine around the winged pharaoh who has been entombed in this area. Deep within his burial chamber, the magnificent sarcophagus of TUT CHICK AMUN is waiting to be found! This unique and precious treasure must not be withheld from the world. The perfect mission for our fearless treasure hunte. According to ancient lore clues to the whereabouts of TUT CHICK AMUN's tomb can be found on 30 clay tablets which are hidden in the depths of the Urhasis desert. Each of these tablets contains hints about the location of the next one. Eventually, the 30th and last tablet reveals the way to TUT CHICK AMUN's tomb.
Full Demo 44MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Moorhuhn: Die ersten 10 Jahre - German DVD ISO Demo 2.34GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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