Lula Pinball / Lula Flipper Independent Arts Software GmbH / CDV Software Entertainment AG 1999

Play wild pinball adult style in this game starring Lula from the Wet Attack series. Lula kidnaps you and "forces" you to travel with her to 4 locations. After arriving, you'll find a different game table to play as sexy Lula looks on. The different tables include: Photo Shooting - Lula waits for you on a sunny Southern Sea island; Space Bordello – Off into space, Open a space cathouse; Lula Lover - Not an easy job: try yourself as Lula's lover; Playbear: Pleasure World – A funny but very special amusement park awaits you. It also has Lula Inside, a virtual tamagotchi. Now everyone will get his LULA! Sure, everyone would like to open his door for this superwoman. But can you entertain her for long enough? You have exactly 28 days to prove that you are the right guy for Lula... otherwise she will give you the cold shoulder. Save your high scores for each table. It has 5 high-quality audio tracks on the CD and multi-player mode (up to 4 players).
ISO Demo 316MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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