Magicians & Looters Morgopolis Studios 2014

High above the lame Mortal Realm rests the cloud-wreathed towers of the Wizard Keep. It is a place where robes never go out of style, and beards are totally awesome. But then the badguys attack, and Versimos is kidnapped! Luckily for Versimos, he has three students who will stop at nothing to get a passing grade, and if that means rescuing their teacher from the treacherous Morg Mountains, then so be it. Brent - Wields a sword and is kind of boring. Nyn - Wields two swords and is awesome. Vienna - Commits murder with her bare hands, talks to cats, and doesn't wear shoes. Leveling system is built around exploration, not grinding. Abridged Mode will abbreviate all the game's dialogue, keeping the focus on the action. Completionist-friendly loot system. All weapons/items have a reserved slot in your inventory and a hint as to their general location. Equipment possesses both benefits and drawbacks. Creative combinations yield the best results.
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Full Demo v1.2.1.0 200MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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