Perfil de Riesgo: Casos Federales [Sp] Sabarasa Entretainment, Nucleosys Digital Studio / AFIP 2008

Players assume the role of Martina and must guide this character through 12 missions while following the trail of a mysterious event that could trigger a worldwide catastrophe. Martina must deal with a dangerous hacker stealing confidential information in a case of money laundering, an ecological disaster in northern Argentina, lost tourists, haunted mines, a sweatshop and border smuggling. The development of a video game by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues Argentina (AFIP) seeks to recover the sense of social taxes for taxation as a duty but primarily as a tool that allows to guarantee the rights of identified citizens. In this case, the objective of Risk Profile: Federal Cases is that users understand why evasion, smuggling, and labor not registered is detrimental to a community. Similarly, using a game that implements values ​​of honesty, solidarity and participation, all without losing sight of the challenge and fun you must have an entertainment product. The game is divided into four regions, which are geographic areas which Martina travels to meet the missions "It's the City", showing urban scenes of the Argentinian country, the Mountain, which features landscapes of Patagonia (a particular geographic place in Argentina), the Desert spaces as proposed in Northwestern Argentina, and the Jungle, which features more characteristics of Mesopotamia.
Spanish Free ISO Demo 621MB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)

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