Apocalypse Cow Monsters 2020

Release Date: TBA Part parody, part chaos and an impending armageddon, this is an action platform extravaganza that parodies everything we are holding dear. Super Meat Boy meets Metal Slug as you become Penny, a SHIELDD agent to waging your war in this parody action platform extravaganza. The future of indie games (and the world) will be determined by your skills. Explosions, weapons, slow-mo stuff, chin-down-eyes-up moments, blood and mayhem. A new age action platformer that requires lightning fast reflexes and no muscle memory. All these while dialogues spoken by real human beings tell a tale to cry for, a tale of intrigue and betrayal... pretty much like a Kardashian episode. A few years in the future the creation of the Anima Rift brings the VideoVerse alive, allowing people to enter the worlds of video games and movies. The most skilled gamers become agents for SHIELDD and swear to serve, protect and occasionally discriminate against black people. Penny is a gamer in love with AAA games but she is assigned to patrol older games as a low level agent. But she cannot shake the feeling that something dark and ominous is about to happen. This is the start of a saga, with the first chapter dealing with the Hair of Power. It was made with Unity engine.
Level Demo v0.972b 186MB (uploaded by MegaGames)

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