Leviathan: The Last day of the Decade Lostwood LLC 2013

This is a visual novel, adventure/quest and interactive fiction. It contains some adult content and a specific range of subjects suitable only to adult people, such as: politics, repression, identity crisis, homosexuality, loneliness, complicated human relationships, etc. It includes five episodes and the first one is free. It takes place in a dark fantasy world mixed with cyberpunk and alien technologies. Five noble families rule the country under the suzerainty of Plague King - the supernatural creature who has an ability to plague the country with the terrible disease called Decade. The story begins at the first day of the Decade and ends at the last day. The way HOW it ends depends on you. Episode I - The First Day of the Decade, Episode II - Clues From the Past, Episode III - Being a Killer, Episode IV - The Gift (Apr/2015), Episode V - The Last Day of the Decade (July/2015).
Browser-Playable / Downloadable Episode 1 700MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Episodes I to V - Full Demos 852MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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