Bernd das Brot und die Unmöglichen [G] Deep Silver 2014

Bernd the bread would not be happy here. Not in this plastic costume. Not in this computer game. And certainly not with chili, the Stunt Sheep, and Briegel, the inventor bush. Because they claim to be his friends. Bernd sees it differently. Because real friends would never squeeze him into as a silly outfit to fight crime with him as a superhero trio "THE IMPOSSIBLE". Help Bernd, Chili and Briegel, solve the secret of the statue of "colds and Skat playing Yakks", interrogate street mimes, lie down with insane world conspirators, travel on a scooter through time and stop the invasion of the Llamas! And all this in a non-breathable costume ... Poor Bernd! Conceived and written by the creators of the cult television series and featuring the voices of the original speakers. An elaborately designed point-and-click adventure with lovely graphics and of course lots of amber-ended gags. The music pieces were played by a live band.
German Full Demo 351MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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