Crystal Hammer BWM Software GmbH / Magic Bytes 1995

This Breakout variant is a sequel to Dionakra and Rapanui. Player controls the same refuge shuttle of galactic dustbin man Tony on other 50 levels of crystalline contamination. His shuttle is located at the bottom of the playfield filled with crystals arranged in some form at its top. Tony launches a cleaning satellite represented as a ball and plays a "ping-pong-game" between shuttle and crystal wall. If Tony loses his satellites, he is withdrawn from the mission instantaneously. Tony should completely eliminate all crystalline contamination in a region to finish the level. Some extra effects may be thrown out on crystal elimination, which may be collected or ignored by Tony. These effects amongst others are ability to select the one of four ball's kinds, increase balls` quantity, change ball's speeds, reduce balls size, activate lasergun to shoot the crystals, set all crystals and stones to move, activate the shuttle's magnetic field to catch the ball and launch it manually, warp to another level, etc. The CD includes Audio Tracks and Crystal Hammer Editor. As developers suggest in their manual, own levels may be saved and copied on player's hard disk. Player may also use own backgrounds, creating BMP formatted pictures. Access to the levels is provided with password shown at the start of each level. High scores are stored in top 10 list.
Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)
ISO Demo 306MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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