Ancient Domains of Mystery Thomas Biskup 1996

Ancient Domains of Mystery, or ADOM, is a roguelike video game by Thomas Biskup. ADOM takes place in the fictional world of Ancardia, in the mountainous Drakalor Chain. For 6,000 years, it has known relative peace, but recently reports have spread of the appearance of dangerous dungeons and frightening monsters. Khelavaster, a wise sage, discovers an ancient prophecy regarding the Coming of Chaos and propagates it to the peoples of the world. It speaks of a champion who will defend the world from the forces of Chaos in the Drakalor Chain. Hearing of this prophecy, many would-be heroes set out. The player assumes control of one such adventurer. Like most roguelikes, ADOM uses ASCII graphics to represent the game world. Recent versions optionally can be played using tile based graphics, soundtracks and sound effects.It features a wilderness map that connects different types of dungeons. Most dungeons are randomly generated on first entering. Once visited, they — with the exception of the Infinite Dungeon — do not change when re-entered during play.
Full Demo (@ My Abandonware)
Free Game + Enhanced Version (@ Ancardia) (uploaded by Official Site)

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