Kid Pix Studio Broderbund 1996

The computer equivalent of an artist's valise, this program includes all the tools needed to activate and encourage a child's creativity. It speaks to the imagination just as an empty canvas and colorful palette beckon the master. It is at once challenging but never intimidating. Best of all, it not only promises to capture and hold a child's interest, but it has proven, through years of play, that it will deliver. It features six delightful projects, all of which invite the user to break the boundaries of the staid, 'color in the lines' art mentality. Each creation can be adapted and manipulated endlessly, with zany results. Kid Pix is the basic drawing screen in which the user creates an original drawing and then, by manipulating the numerous drawing tools at hand, makes it metamorphose. There is nothing tedious here. Not pleased with the result? With Kid Pix even eradicating a masterpiece is a creative process. It can be zapped, erased or blown to smithereens (with or without a countdown). When, and if, the user tires of the basic Kid Pix drawing board, it's time to move on. Alternative activities include Moopies, where the child's drawings wiggle and wobble, acquiring a life of their own; Stampinator, which uses animated stamps to create original moving adventures; Digital Puppets, on-screen marionettes that can be manipulated with the use of the keyboard keys in lieu of strings; Slide Show, where the user creates presentations featuring his or her Kid Pix originals; and Wacky TV, which includes video clips that can be adapted using the Kid Pix tool options with kid-pleasing results.
ISO Demo 230MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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