Bliss Team Bliss / Oruji Productions 2014

Bliss is a quiet and subtle platforming adventure. Always searching for what he didn't have; he climbed a mountain his entire life just to find himself alone at the top with a view of all the mistakes he made along the way. In Bliss you are a shadow of a man who is trapped in a strange world constructed from someone's memories. The world is infected with dark creatures that you have to remove before you can proceed. To your disposal you have a boomerang and a stopwatch that can freeze time. Each level represents a period of the person's life as well as a stage in the K├╝bler Ross model (the five stages of grief). It has: challenging gameplay & little hand holding, 5 unique levels, 4 unique bosses, challenge mode for each boss, Steam achievements, heavy but subtle story told without words.
Full Demo 152MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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