Christmas Magic (cancelled) Espa├žo Inform├ítica Team / Incagold of Brazil 2001

Every year is the same story, while everybody is resting and getting ready for the Christmas Night, Santa Claus needs to run to deliver all gifts in time. You know that no one can stay without presents on Christmas Night, and this time Santa needs your help. In this funny Christmas adventure, you will fly with the sled and the reindeers through several cities around the world. You need to deliver the right gifts to boys and girls, and do this running against the time, to guarantee happiness. Be careful, because the scary Gargula will do everything to steal the gifts, and ruin the Christmas night. You need to be fast to deliver all gifts in time, and to escape from the Gargula claws. In this sensational game you will fly over cities like Rome, New York, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and London. Before you start your flight, you can see the map of the city to plan your strategy. Be fast, and let your name be written in the Hall of Fame. You can make your mark by being the faster in one of the cities - Time Record, or doing a big score - Score Record. You can catch some bonus objects around the cities, and take more points, more velocity, and other surprises. It's a funny, happy, and easy to play game. An adventure that will enchant everybody, it's a family game with amazing 3D graphics, besides an original sound track, with several traditional Christmas songs. It seems only a demo was made.
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Level Demo 16MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Russian ISO Demo 66MB (uploaded by

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