Karoshi Jesse Venbrux / YoYo Games 2008

This is a series of free puzzle platformer video games made with Game Maker, in which the goal is to make the player character, a Japanese salaryman named "Mr. Karoshi", commit suicide. The word "karĊshi" literally means "death by overwork" in Japanese. The real theme of this game is that suicide is never enjoyable. Karoshi has 25 levels and became more popular than expected, resulting in more versions being created. Karoshi 2.0 has 42 levels and each level has a certain twist to it, which lie somewhere outside of the platform genre. For example: some levels will require the player to use the mouse or type words into a text parser. The game always tries to trick the player into thinking that the level is impossible, where in fact, the player should find a flaw in the program's logic. Sometimes doing something completely different from what the game is telling you will yield success. It also included with the game a level editor, and a speed-run version of the original game. The speed-run challenges players to complete the game in under 7:00 minutes. There are two endings and you can see them by selecting up or down at the fork in the last stage. One is the ending ascending to the real heaven and the infinite hell ending repeating stage 1 infinitely. Karoshi Factory is a Flash game that has 25 levels not solved through unconventional means, but purely through game logic and manipulating buttons, boxes, using a gun against bumpers and more. Most levels feature two characters that the player both controls by switching the focus. In later levels, a third character appears and the puzzles generally become more complex. Next to logic, quick timing is required. Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman mixes stages along from the original Karoshi along with Karoshi 2.0 and new levels. Players need to complete fifty levels unlocked one by one, with a boss fight at the end. The aim is again to kill the main character, by falling into spikes to complex block placements, timed jumps to get hit by bullets and more out-of-the-box puzzles (especially from the second game) that rely less on the in-game mechanics. There are no AI opponents or other challenges except for finding a way to get killed. Basic controls include the arrow keys for movement (including jumping) and additional keys to shoot, reload the levels or keys that only work in specific levels. Super Karoshi is a Flash game developed by Armor Games with a total of 61 stages. In addition to the basic Karoshi interaction, Super Karoshi apears. When the main character touches the Superman mark, he turns into Superman. But no matter what you do, you cannot die. He comes back to its original state when he touches an item that makes it out of the Superman state, so it can die again. Solving puzzles made with this is mostly the latter part of the play. After clearing all 60 stages, it is only then that all stages can be played again. The interesting thing is that in addition to the 61 stages known , there are two more stages called Secret levels. No-one has ever cleared level 63 (It is probable that the developer deliberately designed it to be unbreakable).
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Free Games: 1, 2.0, Factory + Browser-Playable Flash Games: Suicide Salaryman + Super Karoshi 4+8.7+7.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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