Miner 2049er Big Five Software / Micro Fun 1983

You play the part of Bounty Bob, and it is your mission to explore every inch of an abandoned mine. As you walk over floor sections in the mine, the floor will change color. When all of the floor sections have been changed in color, you can move on to the next, more challenging level. To reach all of the floor sections, you will need to figure out how to get there. You can jump (be careful not to fall too far though, or you will be squished), climb up and down ladders, and use different transportation devices that can be found on the levels (such as an elevator, slides, a springboard, or a cannon). Wandering around the mine are numerous radioactive creatures which get in Bounty Bob's way. Also scattered throughout the mines are various artifacts left behind; if Bounty Bob collects one of these, the creatures will temporarily become vulnerable. If Bounty Bob runs into one of the creatures in this state the creature will be destroyed, but if he runs into a creature while it is glowing Bounty Bob will be destroyed. There are a total of ten different levels, and to complete them all you will need quick reflexes as well as to figure out a unique strategy for each level. In 2007, the designer released an emulator coded in C++ with both Bounty Bob games in one package for Windows available free of charge. In 2009, a free fan remake Miner 2049er Again was released with great-looking new graphics.
Full Demo 16kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Full Demo 16kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Miner 2049er Again - Free 2006 Remake v1.3 4.3MB (uploaded by Games For Gamers)
Miner 2049er and Bounty Bob Strikes Back! with Emulator 140kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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