Nico en el Planeta Robot [Sp] CMY Multimedia / Sirium Entertainment 2006

Can you imagine what the planet Earth will be like in 1500 years? And what would happen if one day you traveled inadvertently to the future? Well that's just what happened to Nico, the protagonist of this adventure. Nico is a normal child, or rather, he would be if it were not that he is the son of a crazy inventor; creator, among other inventions, of an atomic sandwich, the automatic "scratch-ears" and Hairy, the ever faithful robot dog of Nico. Because a "mistake" in one of the latest inventions of his father, Nico and Hairy end up traveling hundreds of years into the future and will meet with a planet Earth quite different from what we all now know: a planet full of Tierra spaceships, huge buildings connected by and full of fantastic robots that will try to help Nico back to their time-tube lifts. But that will not be an easy task.
Spanish 2CD ISO Demo 1.09GB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)

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