Melty Blood: Re-ACT French-Bread, Type-Moon 2004

This is an expansion pack to Melty Blood. It adds an Arcade Mode, which continues the plot of the main game. Several changes have been made regarding character balancing; a few combo sequences have been removed. The "doppelgänger" characters of the main heroes have received their own move sets, as opposed to the main game, where they were restricted to imitating the fighting style of the "original" characters. Several new characters, including two playable ones and two bosses, have been added as well. The final revision for Re-ACT, Final Tuned adds several features designed to allow the game to be configured to resemble the gameplay of Melty Blood Act Cadenza. It also adds a large number of gameplay tweaks and slightly updated animations. The most notable of the new features are: The inclusion of a new, analog-friendly controller setup; New configuration options that lets players assign multi-button commands to individual buttons; The ability to alter and adjust many of the game's internal variables (via new interface options); Four new colors for each player. An English translation was released in 2007.
Melty Blood + ReACT expansion - Full Demo 718MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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