Kenny's Adventure DivoGames Ltd. 2006

A band of pirates has stolen the Crystal of Destiny. Worse yet, they've broken this relic and have strewn in all over the world. As Kenny it's up to you to collect the fragments of this long lost family heirloom and reunite them. Naturally, if you happen to find some other treasure along the way it sure wouldn't hurt. This is a platform game that takes place under water. All the staples of a platformer are here including the enemies, the spring boards, the bonuses and even the weapons, all with a nautical theme. Along your quest through the sixty levels of this three world adventure you will run into enemies like hermit crabs, jellyfish, marlin's and of course sharks! You can use underwater foliage as springboards to jump up to higher levels, stand on floating crates, rise with bubbles and even take a ride on a turtle as means of transport. Also like other platformers you must jump around to get places, but since you are under water you can swim a bit by holding the jump button down. As far as weapons are concerned, along the way Kenny will pick up stones that he can aim and throw at his opponents. These stones don't go in straight lines and arch with the force of gravity but they will also bounce off surfaces and can still cause harm to the enemies. Naturally there are some obstacles in your way such as sea urchins, octopuses, dripping algae, and of course bottomless chasms. The treasure you can collect include coinage and gems, however the treasure you must collect are artifacts that will allow you to jump into your awaiting submersible and advance to the next level. Join Kenny and explore 60 levels in 3 diverse worlds full of evil ocean creatures, surprises and endless fun. The game shines with cartoon-like graphics, cool music and totally relaxing game play.
Full Demo 12MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 19MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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