Tom vs. The Armies of Hell Darkmire Entertainment / Burgoon Entertainment, LLC. 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: July 27/2016 This is an indie Action-Adventure game set in a world somewhere between Office Space and Army of Darkness, you play Tom, a down-trodden software-engineer turned reluctant half-demon hero when an experiment gone awry in the basement government lab sends his entire office complex plummeting into Hell. Armed with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons and his newly acquired demonic powers, Tom must not only survive, but also unravel the mystery of what caused this "accident", and how he can get home. Along the way Tom will be aided (or more accurately, bossed around) by Beezle, the purple imp that saved him from the initial demonic invasion. Together they'll face a horde of mindless ghouls, vicious demons, an army of magically animated junk automatons, just for starters. So grab a gun, duct-tape some phone-books to your extremities, and blast your way through the plains of eternal damnation. It features: story driven, single player gameplay; procedurally placed enemies ensure no two playthroughs are exactly alike; equip a multitude of upgradeable weapons and demonic powers; original, humorous story advanced by each new level release (total final level count expected to be somewhere in the area of 9-12); 2D animated, fully voiced cut-scenes for major game events.
ISO Demo 863MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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