Camera Obscura Anteater Games 2015

An ancient tower in a forgotten land. A lone photographer on a desperate search. A once-in-a-lifetime chance. It's a puzzle-platformer in which you attempt to summit a ruined tower – a relic of a fanatical sect trying to reach the sun. Facing dangerous animals, crumbling architecture, and perilous pitfalls, can you reach the Summit, and perhaps, redemption? It uses an innovative "afterimage" mechanic that allows the player to temporarily clone the Tower's architecture in order to span gaps, create staircases, and freeze moving platforms in place. The ability to copy and manipulate each level allows players to find many paths through the tower's 57 maps. Innovative "afterimage" mechanic. "Flash" the screen to create a ghostly double of your surroundings. Manipulate the afterimage to turn walls into stairs, platforms into cages, and even defend yourself against the creatures in the tower. Make your own levels with the included editor, play them, share them with friends. No programming required, just point and click to create platforms, enemies, switches, and doors. Share packs of levels on the Steam Workshop. Original soundtrack - listen to 11 beautifully-composed tracks throughout the Tower's eight zones. Multiple language support, achievements, multiple endings, and more.
ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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