Barbie Beauty Boutique Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. 2003

Players create the perfect makeover using makeup, hair, nails and fashions for eight events. Characters are modelled in 3D and can be rotated to view from any angle. In the Beauty Bar, players will decorate Barbie, Christie and Teresa's face with makeup and decorations. In the fashion stop, players will choose jewelry and fashions. In the Hair Square players can choose various hair styles, cuts, colors and lengths. (even streaks) In the Nail Place players choose various nail shapes, colors, patterns and decorations. After the makeover, players watch a video of the event featuring their character in her new look. The eight events include a Movie Premiere, Modeling Assignment, perfect date, and Wedding Day.
BestSeller Junior release AlcoholClone ISO Demo 262MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo + mirror 199MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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