Paradise Cracked ZAO MiST land South / Buka Entertainment, Tri Synergy Inc. 2002

This is a mixture of a cyberpunk RPG and X-COM-esque tactical combat. All movement, attacks, and such is done in a turn-based interface, but the game also features dialogue with NPCs, quests and exploration. The background setting portrays the world as an overpopulated, massively polluted remnant of what it once was. At some point, scientists invented a supercomputer they christened BigBrain, which now regulates and controls everything, turning the world into a "paradise". People started hanging around cyberspace more and more, trying to escape from the real world - but on the other hand, this results in a total lack of technological or evolutionary progress for mankind - who needs new inventions if everyone can have whatever they want in cyberspace? The player controls a hacker which stumbles into some odd data in a high-security zone of the all-encompassing cyberspace and is started off with the police raiding his apartment moments later.
2CD ISO Demo + Patch 1.19GB + 21MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Fan-Made Mods

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