Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery ERS Game Studios / Big Fish Games 2014

From the people who brought us the famous Dark Tales franchise, comes a new Free-to-Play spin-off. It feels very much like other premium Dark Tales games, from the settings to the storyline - our favorite Detective Dupin is also back to guide you through the course of the whole game. It's is a detective/murder-solving themed freemium hidden object game. You will be solving murder crimes, investigating scenes and interrogating suspects all over Paris - all along with completing hidden object scenes, fulfilling quests from other characters and earning money and experiences. There are a couple interesting features such as the Interview mini-game that has you answering trivia questions regarding the storyline and the office that you can spend your coins and gems to decorate. Despite the game being free, there are some features that required you to spend real money on. The freemium model is fairly standard, most of the times money would be spent on purchasing extra energy to extend the gameplay session. Purchasing extra coins or gems is not necessary, but it does help you to progress at a much faster pace. The game was shut down on Feb 28/2018.
Download: None currently available

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