Legend of Kay Anniversary Kaiko, Neon Studios / Nordic Games 2015

10 years after its initial release on PS2, this is a thoroughly remastered version of the original game: high-resolution textures; new, more detailed character models; modern rendering techniques and crystal-clear surround sound give this great classic a new shine. Full of fond allusions to old martial arts films and pop culture quotes, it's both an incredibly funny game and a challenging action-adventure for young and old alike. Key Features: 25 different levels with over 15 enemy types and epic boss battles.; 3 different primary weapons (sword/hammer/claws) with distinct combat styles; various mini-games such as wild boar racing, dragon flying and wolf riding; online rankings - compare your score with your friends’ and compete against the best in the world.
ISO Demo 5.22GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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