Timmy's Safari Adventure Compedia 2003

Timmy gets into a wonderful fairy-tale world, where he was always waited for an exciting and fun adventure. With the help of interesting mini-games and an exciting game story, it develops reading skills, logical thinking, spatial and visual orientation of the child. The story written by well-known Israeli author, David Grossman, the holder of many awards in the field of literature. An interesting story, combined with the latest technology "smooth animation" give a complete sense of "participation in a cartoon." Unlike many children's games, it does not usually have the pampering variety of musical accompaniment, it contains a great soundtrack, which, undoubtedly, will be to the taste of not only children but also adults. Features: excellent animated graphics, fun informative plot, 8 educational games with different levels of difficulty, a lot of information and videos about the world of nature, and excellent sound design. The game is voiced by professional actors.
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Russian ISO Demo 306MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Spanish ISO Demo 297MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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