Phobos '99 [PL] ZiP Soft 1994

Phobos '99 is an arcade-puzzle game, which is set in 2099 in the auto lab-fortress circulating the orbit of Phobos, artificial satellite of Mars. Phobos Lab was left by a mysterious civilization that died out thousands of years ago and now endangers the safety of Earth. A new generation of specialized robot is sent on a mission to destroy it. The mission is to collect fissile material scattered throughout the station. After reaching a critical mass explosion will destroy the lab. At successive levels robot will interfere with hostile creatures, such as spiders and ghosts, as well as elements of the environment, such as ice and radioactive traps. For equal opportunities robot receives aid in the form of ghost hunters, extra life, bonus power, magnetic card opening bridges. Whole is complemented by moving walkways and teleports. There are 100 levels in total. There is no possibility of saving the game - after completing each level, the player receives the level code.
Full Demo 952kb (uploaded by

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