Kona Parabole 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar 17/2017 This is a first-person adventure game in which you investigate the mysterious disappearance of several Northern-Quebec inhabitants in 1970. This tells the story of Carl Faubert, a private detective hired by a rich industrialist, W. Hamilton, to investigate acts of vandalism perpetrated on his summer residence in the north. In an unexpected turn of events, Carl soon realizes that all inhabitants of the region, including his client, mysteriously vanished. As the story unfolds, a narrator tells you various details about the in-game world. This is in a way similar to Dear Esther and Stanley Parable. The pieces of story that are revealed to you vary dynamically according to your in-game whereabouts and actions. The result is aimed to feel like an interactive campfire tale, where the player is in control of the main character. Features of the game: Explore vast, open environments; Solve various puzzles; Locate people who could help solve the mystery; Search for clues (artifacts, notes) related to the investigation; Take pictures of evidence; Survive the wild animals, cold weather and the legendary Wendigo. You actually get to drive Carl's Pickup Truck and, later on, a snowmobile. Unlike similar games in the genre, you have full control of the vehicles. You are not simply driving them in scripted car chases. You have to worry about your survival in those hostile northern lands. You might have to use a weapon against unexpected threats. You could also get trapped in a bitter blizzard. If you are losing blood or freezing outside, your time is limited. You must heal your wounds or find warmth before it's too late. The Wendigo has a heart made of ice. Any heat source will keep it away or destroy it. The creature influences the weather. It creates strong blizzard and harsh weather conditions hundreds of meters around it. So the closer you get, the more intense the weather will be. The Wendigo area of effect also makes animals more "agressive". Kona VR, a purchasable DLC, was released on Jun 19/2018 which allows VR play and motion controller support. Rotate and inspect objects using Oculus Touch or VIVE motion controllers. Navigate the Atamipek region in either comfort or normal mode, allowing both beginners and experimented VR players to fully enjoy Kona’s vintage look and feel. Get behind the wheel and drive on atmospheric wintry roads reminiscent of 1970s rural communities. Continue your existing non-VR playthrough in VR thanks to cross-save support between the two modes.
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Prototype Demo 455MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
ISO Demo with 3 updates 4.65GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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