Disney Princess: Royal Horse Show Disney Interactive Studios, Inc. 2007

This is a single player, casual game for children. Though it is a single player game it does cater for up to ten separate players, just not at the same time. The game is introduced by Cinderella who is in the gazebo, the banners in the gazebo serve as links to the different activities in the game. There are four separate activities in this game, they are: The Royal Stables - This activity is introduced by princess Aurora who is with four horses. The player dresses each horse with headpieces, saddles, blankets etc to make them look pretty. For every two that are dressed another bonus horse appears until all six horses are revealed. The player also has the option of saving their equine costumes and using them on other horses. The Royal Fairground - This activity is introduced by Snow White. The player is presented with a view from the castle balcony, around the balcony are flowers, drapes, a flag a banner etc. Clicking on one of these hot spots presents the player with a menu of alternate flowers, drapes, flag etc and changing the item on the balcony changes the items viewed in the background. The player can also change the game's music in this activity. The Royal Showground - This activity is also introduced by Snow White. Here the player guides their horse around a show jumping circuit. There are three circuits to choose from, completing the ruby circuit successfully five times unlocks the emerald circuit, and likewise completing the emerald circuit five times unlocks the diamond circuit. The first couple of circuits in each course are straightforward while the last three include an inner loop and additional jumps. This activity can be played with either mouse or keyboard. The Craft Shop - This activity is introduced by Belle and it's here that the player can view and print their awards. Additionally they can print a height chart and horse trading cards.
ISO Demo 591MB (uploaded by Molitor)
ISO Demo 566MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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