SnarfQuest Tales Cellbloc Studios 2015

Early Access Release You are Snarf, boldly and not so boldly going where no Snarf has gone before. You utilize your cunning and opportunistic nature to seek, fame, fortune, and adventure. After all, why fight a dragon when you can just trick it and get the gold? It's a point and click adventure game inspired by the style of such classics as the King's Quest series, Myst, and The Secret of Monkey Island. It will be the first digital game to feature Snarf, Larry Elmore's loveable adventurer, who has previously appeared in a comic strip, role-playing game, and table-top game. The game will also include Snarf's faithful companions the beautiful Telerie Windyarm, Aveeare, and Willie from the SnarfQuest comics. The game will feature: 10 levels, mini games, swords, sorcery, and a little sci-fi. This is a collection of all 5 episodes. Episode 1: The Beginning (Mar 17/2017). Future episodes will be released on a quarterly basis.
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Alpha Level Demo 228MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Episode 1: The Beginning - ISO Demo 702MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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