Dungeons 2: A Song of Sand and Fire DLC Realmforge Studios / Kalypso Media Digital 2015

On a tour of the world of Dungeons 2, the Widely-Traveled Evil finds itself in a scorching desert in this blazing new DLC. An insane priestess is on the loose, burning anything not back in its' dungeon by the count of three at the stake. Will the Flammable Evil and its' minions also fall victim to the flames? Or will the Callous Evil be able to survive this ordeal and save itself and its' minions from a charcoal-broiled end? Features: 3 hot new combat missions with a total of about 10 hours of play; fiery new opponent variants with their own special abilities.
included in Dungeons 2: Complete Edition - Multi10 ISO Demo v1.6.2.5 including all DLC 2.90GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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