Sky Break Farsky Interactive 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Oct 21/2016 Humanity is threatened. A mortal virus awoke, and it is spreading quickly. The particular flora of Arcania, a planet used to prepare humans for space colonization, may help in the creation of a cure. But it is now abandoned since working drones turned against humans. A group of researchers is sent to this planet to find a solution. I am one of them. But as we arrived, things went wrong... After the crash of your spaceship, you must survive on this hostile planet. Thankfully an old station above the clouds, left over by humans, provides a good shelter. Explore, gather resources, re-construct the station, enhance your armor and fight in a procedural open world, to create a cure and find your way back home. As there is no oxygen on the planet, you must pay attention to your oxygen consumption every time you leave the station. Stay close to it and manage any long effort or any stressful situation that could impact your oxygen consumption drastically. As the planet was once exploited by humans, new spots can be found to park your station and enlarge your exploration area. The weather is one of the main threats. Meteors fall regularly on the planet and contain a high mineral content however be aware that they provoke dangerous lightning storms. Any expedition in these conditions will be rewarding but of high risk. Learn to master the lightning and use it against your enemies. Many resources can be found along the journey and used to craft useful items. You may occasionally come across important resources but these are protected and extracted by drones. If you succeed in collecting them, you can create more important items or expand your station above the clouds with new rooms and functionalities. The evolution of your character works with a special electronic board system connected to the armor. Destroyed drones loot a variety of chips. These chips can be plugged onto your board, granting better protection, improving your oxygen capacity and allowing you access to a wider range of skills and abilities. The combat system is also linked to your board system. Some chips are designed for combat only and offer special attacks. Your sword accumulates energy during combat. When you have enough energy, you can unleash those special moves and make the difference.
ISO Demo 1.72GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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