Angels That Kill Rising Sun Interactive 2015

This is a dark, first person adventure game. It tells the story of two men as they uncover the truth behind a murder that has shaken the city. Play through both sides of the story and discover the truth behind the murder. Play as Micheal Bickel, a Vietnam War veteran that now works as a Noll City detective, and play as James Baley, a drunk and drug-ridden retired boxer who has lost everything and moved to Noll City to start again. Go through the different days playing as both characters and work around the case, interact with the population and make decisions that could affect a number of people. Hide, run, investigate, explore, and discover while becoming a part in Noll City in this tragic time. Play both sides of the story. Go through both the suspects and the investigators story, to discover the truth and interact with the people of Noll City. Play through two different perspectives and have unique interactions based off of who you play as. Explore all your options. Just because there is a story doesn't mean that you cant help make it, choose between right and wrong, make decisions you didn't mean to, and discover your own ending. Unlock and play through alternate game modes. As you progress through the main campaign you will be able to unlock more game modes to play around in. Explore the world. It might not be the biggest game ever made, but it is packed full of secrets and goodies waiting to be discovered. Immerse in a noire inspired world. Every aspect of the game has been carefully detailed to appeal to any noire(or noir) lover. Change the world to your choosing. With support for 8K resolution (Windows and Linux only) and 120 FPS, you also have the ability to change the amount of rainfall, the amount of fog, the lighting, and more. The Final Cut adds: A new field of view slider and broader options - Now you can view Noll City in a much more customizable way, along with now having a better selection of the camera sensitivity option and the audio level; A cleaner and more efficient inventory - Get a better read on what items mean to your characters, and have a better understanding of their thoughts with a cleaner journal; Easier means of navigation - A bad map with poor communication is no way to find points of interest, but now that is a problem of the past with being able to see birds guiding you the way through buildings when focusing in on them; Plenty of bug fixes, updated menus, reworked mechanics, and more - Enjoy having more responsive menus, tighter character controls, significantly less bugs, and new effects to bring everything together.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
The Final Cut - ISO Demo 885MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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