Dungeons 2: A Clash of Pumpkins DLC Realmforge Studios 2015

Trick or Treat! The Dungeon Lord is in a mischievously macabre mood, and no one is safe. This is a new Halloween-inspired DLC for Dungeons 2, the armies of evil will face new horrors including trigger-happy pumpkins, haunted forests and murderous penguins across 3 all-new, eerily beautiful skirmish maps. Included are Scare Island: Every year, the Alliance sends out its strongest and bravest combatants to Scare Island – where the infuriatingly plucky knights must prove themselves worthy in battle in an attempt to become legendary heroes. With the Dungeon Lord in desperate need of a vacation, what could be more fitting than a trip to Scare Island? Bloody and brutal days are coming – and the tourist industry of Scare Island will never be the same again. Ghostwood - An ancient and mysterious place once conquered by the Alliance – which was probably as good an idea as a group of drunk college students messing about with a Ouija board in an abandoned log cabin on an Indian burial site. Such ignorance shall surely be punished, as the haunting Evil One sets forth to impose law and order in his own name. Regicide - After countless battles against the Alliance and other competing factions, the Dungeon Lord is confronted with the most daunting terror the nameless fantasy realm has ever seen – killer penguins. The waddling, tailcoat-wearing nasties are relentlessly crashing down upon the evil hordes, and there’s only one way to stop them: the penguin king must be dethroned.
included in Dungeons 2: Complete Edition - Multi10 ISO Demo v1.6.2.5 including all DLC 2.90GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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