Red Light District, The [Du] New Media Productions / Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf 1997

Welcome in Amsterdam, city of cities. The city of trams and taxis, the city of big concerns and small flower stalls, the city of cafes peepshows, the city of The Red Light District. You are Martin Vandoren, one of the wealthiest (and thus most famous) people in the world. As the new CEO of Vandoren Industries, you live your life in the spotlights. It's friday afternoon, 4 PM: the weekend is knockin' at your door. Sylvia, your wife, calls you and says she won't be at home for the rest of the day. There you are. You could of course just sit around, but you could also get out for a bit. If you only knew the adventures you might be having... The Red Light District is a game that takes you to the sensual world of "De Walletjes". A game in which you can get involved in the most erotic circumstances. At least, provided you think clearly. It features footage of live actors. You will be faced with choices that are not always logical. Then again, what IS logic, when you are a married man who wants to go to The Red Light District?
Dutch ISO Demo + Scans (provided by Adventure Legends 10th Anniversary & upped by Shattered) 352MB

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