Fantasia Sango 3: Shuang Fei Yuan [Ch] UserJoy Technology Co. Ltd. 2007

"Flying is willing to" expansion has a new drama, an adventure before departure. New scene - Tibetan Cloud Gap, added beast - class. Added two soundtracks, new props and equipment - antique fairy doll. Enjoy the different development of multi-line plot. It has a new system battle event, the skill tree decryption; main, branch, emotional events complete the experience; magic Yibao are not to be missed; a detailed map will not get lost; remedies will help you; enemies, weapons, paper dolls have confidential information open to the public.
Simplified Chinese ISO Demo v2.1.0.0 + Patch / Traditional Chinese ISO Demo v2.0.0.0 + Patch 254.29MB / 297.21MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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