Dick Tracy Crimestoppers Print Kit Disney Software 1991

This is based on the live-action movie of the same name with Warren Beatty, Al Pacino and Madonna. Welcome to print headquarters crimestoppers! Why host an ordinary event when you can turn it into a crimestopping caper? This a fun-filled program featuring great graphics inspired by the hit film. With this easy-to-use program, you can make your own cards, posters, invitations, and cops-and-robbers party favors- all designed in that unforgettable Dick Tracy style. The Crimestoppers Print Kit makes it simple for junior detectives to print a variety of items in color or black and white. With over 50 images, 15 borders, and 6 fonts to choose from, you can put together these great crimestopper items in hundreds of different ways: Wanted Posters, Masks, Wrist Radios, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Rap Sheets, Police Badges. Whether you're sending a pal a secret message or investigating fun ways to set up a birthday party, this will help you put your best gumshoe forward.
Full Demo 245kb (uploaded by myloch)

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