Reksio and Captain Nemo [PL] Aidem Media 2006

The fifth part of the cult series The Adventures of Reksio is full of adventures and surprises and is on a scale hitherto unprecedented. A great journey, a great adventure, a great love. Puzzles, arcade games, numerous film sequences, two levels of difficulty and a lot of fun - all this will provide many hours of great fun for children ... and not only them. After the destruction of the time machine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and Rex and Kretes are forced to look for another way to return to their own time. Heroes of the famous detective can help Shlafrock Holmes. Unfortunately, the plans to find the legendary character has the travelers cross the mysterious Captain Nemo, commander of the submarine Nautilus. Will a great trip around the world be a success at the end? Is Willy Frogg going to do it all in a balloon? Where is buried the cradle of civilization of ancient cloths? Will Rex win the heart of Kari Mata Hari? Is Chuck vole able to dig burrows in the roundhouse? You will learn everything, accompanying Reksioi and Kretes in the next breathtaking expedition.
Polish Level Demo 52.7MB (uploaded by
Polish Full Demo 759MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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