Mazowsze 2: Miejsce Ponad Czasem [PL] ComAngle 2013

Continuation of free adventure game aimed at promoting the Mazovia region. On your way again we encounter familiar characters from the first game. Production is characterized by drawn, colorful 2D graphics. For creating it corresponds to the Szczecin branch of ComAngle studies, focused on the creation of games and social networking applications. The production was financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. The action takes place several years after the events of the first part - the main character, Felicia, she went to college, and the cat, Albert still is her constant companion. The duo again faces new challenges, using time travel. This time, the main task of the two turns out to unravel the mystery of the Brotherhood and getting to a person standing on its head and locate the title Places Over Time. The game is a classic representative of the genre point'n'click, therefore all operations performed on the screen by a mouse click. Due to a wide audience, puzzles included in the game do not belong to the most difficult and relate mainly to the history of this region. An added attraction is the ability to switch between the two characters and use their different skills in different situations. The authors prepared eighteen different settings specific to that region of the country - among them you visit, among others, airport in Modlin, the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Wilanow Palace and the National Research Center for Nuclear Studies. Title characterized by aesthetic, colorful artwork and characters are smoothly animated.
Polish Free Game 565MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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