Reksio i Czarodzieje [PL] Aidem Media 2004

The third part of the virtual adventures of the dog Reksio, designed for children from 7 years. The game offers even more attractions than its predecessor. This time our eponymous hero goes to the moribund Wonderland. The local Burektor Magic University studied the text because an ancient prophecy, which showed that only a mysterious Chosen One has power sufficient to unmask him and to stop his dastardly machinations. Shattering the mirror quickly interrupted, however, he considers Wizard, and in his office appeared brave Buster. Is he the chosen one, which is said prediction and that of the seven Wizards is the one? Will Reksio manage to restore order in Wonderland? These and other questions young players will find the answer to, sitting at their computers. During the game, kids go through five 5 diverse lands, where they meet 30 colorful and original characters. Developers have prepared for our Promoted Club plenty of interesting playground - from simple arcade games to logic tasks. Science witchcraft, flying on a broomstick, traveling on a dragon, magical duels, mysterious labyrinths, numerous puzzles and other puzzles are just a small part of the attractions that await Reksio in Wonderland. It's all topped with a pleasant to the eye, hand-painted graphics and a large dose of humor. New to the series is the introduction of an alternative endings. Thanks to practically every game is different from the previous one.
Polish ISO Demo 475MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Polish ISO Demo 560MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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