Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Limited Edition Entertainment Utility Sound Source Interactive / Simon and Schuster Interactive 1996

It's an unforgettable journey full of intergalactic sights and sounds, where alien life forms search! With this installed, you computer will become the most popular high-tech handout in the office or home. This limited edition CD-ROM contains screen savers, audio clips, video clips, jigsaw puzzles and wallpaper, all captured from the popular Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series. All guaranteed to make your computer a blast. Use Image Carousel to create a customized screen saver with spectacular full-motion video clips and still images with audio. Options include privacy protections, audio on/off, random or reset videos and images, and much more. Customize your desktop with one of 30 full-screen wallpaper images. When you're ready for a little spatial recreation, open Jixxa and piece together stunning jigsaw puzzles from small, medium or large pieces. There's even an auto-solve feature. Add some sonic flavor with Personal Desktop and over 75 audio clips. Attach sound effects and music to Windows functions, such as start-up, shutdown, and various keystrokes. Reduce stress & boredom while you work. Image Carousel screen saver displays over 12 full-motion video clips and 100 still images with sound. Personal Desktop attaches over 75 audio clips to Windows system functions. Jixxa creates easy, medium or hard jigsaw puzzles from 15 different images. 30 full-screen wallpaper images. Limited edition of 250,000 units only.
ISO Demo 141MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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