Puller Alarm [G] Westka Interactive GmbH / CDV Software Entertainment AG 1999

It's a game that refers to the German TV-Show TV Total. You are Stefan Raab, who is the host of the show. Your job is to drink until Dr. Frost arrives. You'll get credits for each drink. The problem: The more you drink, the more you feel like urinating. The Pulleralarm will go off, (which would be urine alert in English) and you'll find yourself running to the next bathroom - something everybody is trying to hinder you from for some reason. The game is presented with cartoon graphics and features many sequences taken from the TV show. A small freeware Christmas edition was released after the commercial CD release.
Free Christmas Edition (uploaded by Free Game Archive)
German ISO Demo + Addons (provided by tomwatayan & uploaded by Scaryfun) 586+53MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
German 4 levels + Christmas Edition + Leveleditor (provided by tomwatayan & upped by Scaryfun) 102MB

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