Day of the Tentacle Remastered Double Fine Productions / Sony Computer Entertainment 2016

This is a remake of a classic adventure point-and-click game created by legendary LucasArts studio, since dissolved. The original Day of Tentacle appeared in 1993 as a sequel to Maniac Mansion, another cult game by this developer. The Remastered Edition was created by an acclaimed independent studio Double Fine Productions founded by Tim Schafer. It is noteworthy that Schafer was one of the script writers and fathers of the original game. The new version offers enhanced graphics and audio, as well as interface adjusted to modern-day standards. The developers took care to make the special edition faithful to the original ideas from over two decades back. You play as the trio of heroes known from Maniac Mansion, who set off into a wild time travel using a machine created by their friend Dr Fred. The scientist build it in order to save the world from the threat posed by the purple tentacle that he had created himself. After coming in contact with a toxic substance the creature acquired high intelligence, a nasty personality, and on top of that it fancies to take control over the entire planet. Since the villain's plans seem to be flawless, the only way to stop him is travelling back in time in oder to alter the events that brought the tentacle into existence. Unfortunately, the time machine turns out to be flawed, and the three protagonists get separated and sent to different historical periods. The story is full of surreal humor and multiple references to popular culture and history. The same is true for the masterfully written dialogues. The game's wacky tone is emphasized by its unique 2D graphics that brings connotations with classic cartoons by Warner Bros.
ISO Demo with 2 updates 2.17GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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