Bubble Bobble Nostalgie GameOver Games / Alawar 2001

In this Bubble Bobble game, you play one or pair of little dragons against enemies. Dragons can blow bubbles to catch enemies inside. After that you should jump on bubble with an enemy trapped inside and pop them. To increase your score pick up items: fruits, vegetables, diamonds, jewels etc. You can also pick up some bonus items to make your journey easy. Some of them increase speed, range of bubbles' firing, others give you a chance to get more score points or extra lives. On some stages you can pop special bubbles that appear from holes in the top or/and bottom of stage. These special bubbles will help you destroy monsters in different ways. Features: Multiplayer mode, Nice HiColor Graphics, 200 levels and more, 600 levels in levels packs, Very fun gameplay, Beautiful music tracks, 120 new items and bonuses, 20 various monsters with two Big Bosses, Cheat Codes (Just type it while playing).
included in Jump & Run Classics ISO Demo 512MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Shareware Level Demo v3.2 2.3MB (uploaded by Software Informer)
Full Demo 3.1MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Level Packs 2-5 12MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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