Brandish 4: Nemureru Kami no Tou [J] Falcom 1998

This is a re-release of Brandish VT, the fourth in the rgp series. It has slightly improved graphics and sound quality, as well as two new playable characters (in addition to the three available in Brandish VT). Both these characters appear in the original game, but are not playable; in Brandish 4, each gets a chapter of her/his own. The two characters are the sorceress Mermelade, who possesses the ability to transform into a cat, and the skilled fist-fighter Garahad. Somewhere in the desert of Kalua, in the country of Suelang, stands a huge tower. This is the Tower of Fata Morgana. Legends say that powerful ancient wisdom is hidden in this tower. But no one dares to venture in, fearing ferocious monsters and deadly traps. Three people, however, are exception to this rule: the young thief Dee, who hopes to steal treasure from the tower; the lovely elf witch Clare, who needs to discover ancient magic; and finally, a mysterious man named Quien, who doesn't remember his past and works as a mercenary. It abandons the over-arching story of the previous titles and tells a completely unrelated tale. The player is able to choose Dee, Clare, or Quien as the playable character right from the beginning. Each one of them starts in a different location, but eventually will have to face the riddles of the Tower. The gameplay is similar to the previous Brandish games, with point-and-click interface (or keyboard short-cuts), real-time combat, and the ability to jump. As before, there is a RPG system with experience points and levels. The game abandons the top-down view of the previous games, using isometric perspective.
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Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 430MB
English Translation Patch 116kb (uploaded by Romhacking)
Premium Edition - Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 436MB

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